A Man a Mile (1.05)
  • Mac: (looking at Danny) "You're bathophobic?"
  • Danny: "I'm not anything phobic. Just a few things that shake me up and one of them is 700 feet of granit between me and daylight. I don't know how these guys work down here."
  • Mac: "Same way we're going to. Rock by rock."
Outside Man (1.06)
  • Danny: "Sounds like an inside job."
  • Mac: "Then that's where we'll start."
Rain (1.07)
  • Stella: "Something gooey here."
  • Mac: "Gooey? That's a good forensic word. Gooey. I have to use that more."
Rain (1.07)
  • Mac: "I hear this guy is just the opening act. The main event's in the bank."
  • Stella: "They do things big south of Canal Street. This is Chinatown, Mac."
Three Generations are Enough (1.08)
  • Mac: "In case something happens to me."
Recycling (1.12)
  • Stella: He wasn't stabbed here, so this is our secondary crime scene.
  • Cop: Who knows where this guy was stabbed.
  • Danny: Somewhere between Wall Street and right here.
  • Cop: What?
  • Danny: Delivery manifest. Last drop 200 Wall Street, next stop 33 and 8th.
  • Stella: He's gonna be a little late.
Recycling (1.12)
  • Aiden: Frisky little fella.
Recycling (1.12)
  • Stella: Good for a million and one uses.
Recycling (1.12)
  • Stella: If you want beauty tips, all you have to do is ask.
  • Danny: Did you know, that waterproof mascara dries out your lashes? That's amazing.






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