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Welcome to one of my websites.

Here you can find CSI: NY screen caps.
You can also find caps of some of the actors in other roles that I happen to come across. I'm not striving to have a complete collection of these "actors in other roles" caps. Besides Melina Kanakaredes (I loved her in "Providence") I'm not really that much of a fan of any of the CSI: NY actors - even though I've got to say that I do get a kick out of watching Hill Harper and Anna Belknap work together again after first seeing them in "The Handler". I simply add whatever I want to add.

I'm not as an avid fan as I used to be - killing off a character I happen to like usually has this effect - but I'm still watching the show and updating the website, although not as often or as regularly as before.

The screencaps on this website were made by me. Feel free to use them for fanart, icons, whatever you want. You're welcome to use the caps on your websites - asking and giving credit are nice, but not necessary. Just make sure that you download the pictures and upload them to your own webspace. Hotlinking is bandwidth theft. I had trouble with hotlinkers before, and am very happy that my current host lets me disable hotlinking.
The fanart posted at the gallery was made by lots of different people - please ask them first in case you want to use their work.

If you have a CSI:NY or CSI-related website and want to exchange links, drop me an e-mail. Same goes if you have any questions. I'm vegan and won't bite.

Enjoy the screen caps!



eve [at] pastmyshoulder [dot] com


Disclaimer: I am just a fan. I don't own the rights to any media displayed on this website and I don't make any money with it. Copyright belongs to CBS & the creators of CSI: NY. No copyright infringement intended.